Client Services Manager

Debbie Picone, the spouse of John V. Picone, has been the Client Services Manager for Picone Financial Partners since 1999. Over the years she has received much gratitude from our clients and team members for her endless positive energy and service to our clients.

Prior to joining Picone Financial Partners Debbie had a successful career in sales and marketing in the travel, video, staffing, and rental industries. Her talent for connecting with people in all areas of life contributed to her achievements, both in business and family life.

She was born in Philadelphia, PA and raised her family of two sons, Richard and Nicholas in Bucks County, PA. In early 2000, Debbie and John moved to Southwest Florida, and resides full time in Naples. She is very active in the community with many close friends and associates.

Debbie and John have two grandchildren, Anthony Picone and Maria Rose Picone, who live nearby in Estero, FL. Maybe someday one of them can join our practice at Picone Financial Partners!